BIG POST of Ideas to Supercharge Your Avon Business


This is a large list of random ideas to get new customers and sales!

RECYCLE.  I recycle old books by putting a sticker on the front that says, “For a current book, please call me at…” This way, I recycle old books while keeping current books circulating. Ask DM if you can purchase expired books, she may give them to you for free.

RANDOM MAILINGS. Open a phone book and randomly choose.

POSTCARD/INDEX SYSTEM to remind customers when it is time to reorder certain products. Either send a card or give a call.

DONATE! Give products as donations for church and school raffles. Make sure to include your business card

SAMPLES! Leave either one regular size tube or several smaller or sample size tubes of hand lotion along with some  brochures in places like garages, hair salons, nail salons, construction companies. On the back of the tube, put a sticker that says “To order contact:” <insert your contact information> One girl on this list leaves them in garages and says that the mechanics love the Silicone Glove.

THE GUESSING GAME. I filled an empty mayonnaise jar with old lipstick samples. Went around one  campaign and the customers had to guess how many samples were in the jar. The winner won a bag with some stuff in it. If someone got right one, which never happened, I gave him or her a gift certificate for $5.00. I advertised this in brochures before I did it to get the interest going. I did the guessing game in only one campaign, but did it two years in a row. It was fun.

CHRISTMAS time I give everyone a Christmas card with a $1.00 Avon buck in it.

TURN BRIDES INTO CUSTOMERS! Let the bride and groom select fabulous last-minute gifts for the wedding party. Call the bride-to-be and offer exciting ideas for their upcoming wedding, such as personal beauty consultation for the entire wedding party!

TURN YOUR CAR INTO A ROLLING ADVERTISEMENT FOR AVON! You can get the bumper banner, a license plate frame with your info on it, put a flyer in your back window, get a car magnet for the side or back of your car, or anything else you can think of.

USE YOUR BUSINESS CARD TO GROW SALES! Create business card flyers by taping a small pocket on the bottom right side of a sheet of paper. Write ‘Take One’ on the small pocket with your business cards inside. Add headings such as  “For buying or Selling Opportunities, Please Call…”

FUND-RAISERS ARE AN OPPORTUNITY FOR NEW CUSTOMERS! Team with local organizations such as school and church groups and help them raise money by selling Avon products. After the fund-raiser is over, follow-up with people who placed orders and convert them to regular customers.  Super way to build your customer base!

TURN BINGO INTO CALLS FOR AVON BROCHURES! Donate prizes for local organizations that sponsor bingo games to use as prizes; see if they will let you put free product samples on each player’s chair-and make sure you provide your name and phone number so people can call or brochures and service.

 TELL THEM WHY to buy gifts from you: “You can do ALL your holiday shopping here tonight… and avoid the mall altogether!”

10% FUNDRAISING CARDS – These are fundraisers that don’t have to hurt – “NO begging, NO bagging.” Have business cards printed up with the following saying- “Present or mention this card with your next order and 10% of the profits will be donated to (the given Charity) in your name.” Make the date valid for 1 year. Give these to a local organization to pass out to everyone and they will be passing your name around to hundreds of new people.

FULL COMMISSION FUND RAISER – Set up a fundraiser using an example Avon Curly the Bear. Sell a bear paper cutout to people for $1.00 and tell them that it takes 17 $1.00 bears to Purchase one Bear – then donate those Bears to the Police or Fire Departments to give to children in need. Have the police and fire department and local business also selling the cutouts. When the bears arrive contact the local newspaper to cover the story of you presenting the bears to the Police and Fire Departments.

FLEA MARKETS/HOLIDAY FAIRS – Purchase tables or booths – these are the best places to pass out samples – sell gift baskets – products and talk to people to get new customers and new recruits.

BUSINESS CARD MAGNETS – Turn your business cards into magnets to give to customers but also to leave everywhere – ATM Machines – Restroom Stall Doors – Just about anywhere they will stick.

SLOW SEASON. As we all know, Campaign 2 and 3 are pretty slim for most of us. I just had a good idea to help with that. I purchased the calendars and a bunch of calendar lip balms for Christmas gifts for my customers. However, I decided not to give them out that way. Instead, I’ve made a label for my C2 and C3 brochures that says:

Out with the old and in with the new!

Orders of $5 or more placed between

December 20 and January 10 will include a free gift!
Limit 2 per customer.

Then, when I get C2 and C3 orders of $5 or more, those customers will receive an Avon calendar or the lip balm. If they order in both campaigns, they’ll get one of each. I haven’t told anyone what the gifts are and won’t. They’ll have to order if they want to know what the gift is! I figure I spent $.54 each on the calendars and $.35 each on the lip balms. That’s only a 7-11% investment if the order is just $5. My hope is that they will be inspired to purchase more than $5 (which they usually do anyway!) I think the big slump comes because people are just tired of shopping and don’t want to deal with it for awhile, plus the lack of funds doesn’t help. Hopefully, with the free gift incentive for just a $5 purchase, they’ll order and I can beat last year’s sales for C2. I had a whopping $128 order last C2, and if just 26 people order $5 worth, I’ll beat it by $2. Of course, that doesn’t include my brochures and demos. I usually have 40+ customers, so hopefully I can coerce 26 into ordering in C2. We’ll see! Just thought I’d share what I’m doing to boost sales for slump-time. What about the rest of you?

 SET UP AT A GROCERY STORE on any given Saturday…I managed this by just going in and approaching the store manager…explained that I would like permission to set up for maybe a couple of hours with brochures and promotional info regarding fundraising, and recruiting reps, customers…he was very nice and immediately told me yes without listening to my whole spiel…LOL…I will do this in other areas as well…

LOOK IN THE YELLOW PAGES of the phone book for Insurance Companies. I called every single one of them and said, “Hi! My name is Liz. I’m calling to find out if there is an Avon Representative currently servicing the staff in your office.” If they said no then I asked them if I could bring in a brochure for the staff to look at. Four offices said I could. I then turned to the Dentists section and did the same with them. I had 13 offices say that I could. I called all the banks and had six say I could. I called all of the doctors offices. I didn’t have as good of luck with them. Somebody had already had that idea and hit almost all of the offices. I got several customers from doing this. I had 16 new customers just this last campaign. This next week I’m going to call the Title Insurance Companies and Attorney’s offices. This has worked so great for me because I have four children (9,5,3 1/2 & 2) so I don’t have a lot of time to pound the pavement but I can make a bazillion calls during nap time. Then all I have to do is go to the offices run in real quick, introduce myself and give them the brochure. It doesn’t take very long and I tell my kids if they get along and mind until I’m done dropping of the brochures that they will get a treat when I’m done. It works great.  Have a booth at a school fair



I’ve paid anywhere from $10 to $50 for a space. Make sure to ask if chairs will be provided. A lot of places will give you a table, but not the chairs (it’s nice to have at least one extra chair for customers that want to place a catalog order on the spot). If they charge extra for a table, bring or borrow one. Most places only charge $5 to rent the table itself, but if the event turns out to be a bust, $5 will seem like a lot (At the worst event I did, I sold a total of $50 worth of product – my table was $15 and my lunch cost $5, so it was basically a wash). For my first event, I invested about $100 including my cash box and my Avon products. I usually do the set up and clean up alone, but I have my husband come for the middle of the day. It helps to have someone there to sell items off the table while others want to place brochure orders. It also gives me some time to eat a quick lunch, use the ladies room, and browse other tables.

Bring a calculator to make order totaling and tax calculations quickly! I get a new tablecloth for every event; I get them cheap at the dollar store. If you decide to do more flea markets I suggest investing in a nice cash box and small rolling cart with drawers. Mine is plastic, 3′ tall, has 4 drawers, and has wheels. I think it was $12 at Lowe’s. Most of my table items fit in it and it makes loading and unloading my table MUCH easier.

My biggest tip is to arrive as early as possible. I like to get to the site before it opens. It lets me do two things – (1) if the tables are first come first serve, I can choose the best location – entrances and concession areas are REALLY good (2) I can set up early and before the event opens to the public, I can spend time talking to other vendors. At some events I’ve sold more to other vendors than I have to customers!

Things to bring – Most the cash & carry items I bring are $5 or less. Lip Balms sell really well, so make sure you have a variety of types (the Christmas cinnamon has not been a big seller because it has a very obvious red tint, so I suggest just getting a couple of those). Since they are on sale I have been selling them for 70 cents each.

  • The 99 cent holiday Avon basics (Silicone glove has been my most popular, so I bring twice as many of those as the rest). I sell them for $1 including tax
  • The 99 cent bubble baths. I sell them for $1 including tax
  • Full size Moisture Therapy hand lotions – I only bring 5 or so each time, but they always sell out.
  • The 99 cent SSS body lotions.
  • Nail Enamel – I bring several of just a few shades. I like to get 5 of each color and sell them a little cheaper than the brochure price. Limited edition shades work well. Great for teenagers bored by shopping with their parents.
  • Naturals petite gift sets – the $5.99 ones.
  • If after packing your car you still have room – bring any other items that you keep on hand or “abandoned” orders. You never know what people will be looking for.
  • Bring tons of brochures.
  • Tester bottles of each of the Naturals Body Sprays. Also make a tester of each of the hand and body lotions. I make Tester labels on the computer. When I set up my table, I like to display a brochure open to the page that offers the Naturals Products 3/9.99. I’ve made a lot of sales off that page.
  • Signs that let shoppers know the price of each displayed item. I also have signs that give the deadline for brochure and let customers know they can pay by credit card.
  • Display items for special or seasonal brochure items. If you have a display that requires electricity, call ahead to make sure it is available.
  • Bags – Handle bags are preferable b/c they are easy to carry while shopping. Good alternatives to the tote bags, which can be expensive, are the What’s New door hanger plastic bags. Also, since  they are clear other shoppers can see the items and brochure.

Ideas that have been big hits:

  • Samplers – these are my favorite b/c I make them myself. I get pretty baskets and gift boxes (and stockings for Christmas) from craft stores or dollar stores and make sampler baskets. I mix and match hand lotions, body lotions, lip balms, nail enamel, etc. and offer it at a small discount from the brochure value. Add a gift tag and it’s a ready to give gift.

  • Prize drawing – on the computer make slips of paper asking for name, address, phone number, email, and birthday. Collect the drawing entries in a basket or jar. Call your winners the next day to set up a delivery time. Since Natural products are on sale right now, I have been making prizes out of those. Your winner can pick the scent.  My sampler baskets make good prizes too, and I can use items from abandoned orders or stuff that didn’t sell off my table. I also like to use items out of the What’s New b/c they are cheap. Tomorrow I am offering the 7-piece beauty collection from the C26 what’s new. It’s $14.99, which is more expensive than I usually do for a prize, but I am hoping that it will boost sales.

  • Vendor discounts. Before the event opens I like to walk around and pass out brochures and special discount coupons to other vendors. If it is a large event, I just do the coupons, b/c the brochures can get expensive.

  • Free roll of gift-wrap with orders over $25. I get full size rolls, gift bags, and gift boxes at the dollar store and keep them in my trunk. When I deliver my order the customer can pick and choose which they prefer. I think I read this suggestion on the message boards, but I don’t remember.

Dollars and Scents

I keep am open sample of one of our fragrances with my money. When I pay for something, it is amazing how many people ask why my money smells so good. I offer them a sample, a book, and a business card. I’ve gotten a lot of sales this way.

LEAVE IT WHERE THEY’LL USE IT. Sharon Love of Ossining, NY has a great way to get women to try Avon soap and moisturizing products: she leaves them in the ladies’ room at her job

BARGAIN HUNTING. Inspired by a shipment of 10 Haiku samples, Yvette Zaragoza of Youngstown, AZ invented a cute promotion a few campaigns back. “I wrote on each sample, ‘If you find me, turn me in for 10% off your order,'” says Yvette. “I then stuck them inside 10 of my brochures, so it would be like finding a prize.”

Ten Customers called to claim their discounts — and to place big orders they might not otherwise have placed.

GIVE A LITTLE, GET A LOT. Brenda Tarr of Girard, OH knows the power of the word “Free.” She recently put a sticker on the back of her brochures that simply read “Ask Me What’s Free” and included her phone number, and dozens of curious Customers called. Brenda offered them free items with an order of $20 or more. “So far,” says Brenda, “that idea alone has earned me 27 orders of at least $20!”

A GOOD TRADE. Jenny Fortner of Westfield, NY knows you sometimes have to give a little to get a lot, and has proven it with a recent sale.

Determined to bring her average campaign order up from $330 and make President’s Club, Jenny offered a big discount for her fifth campaign: 10% off any order over $25. She announced this on the back of a business card included with her Customers’ brochures, and reinforced the message with follow-up e-mails.

Jenny gave $50.78 in discounts — but she more than doubled her campaign order! She also got 10 new Customers from regulars who were inspired to tell their friends about the sale. President’s Club seems much closer now!

WRAP STAR. Here’s a great holiday tip: In the 4th Quarter, Vicki Wolak of East Bethany, NY offers her Customers a free roll of gift wrap for every $25 they spend (pre-tax and -processing fee). The wrapping paper, purchased from a local discount store, doesn’t cost Vicki much, but she says “the response has been overwhelming.”

BOO! Halloween is coming and, as she does every year, April Weissler of Chicago, IL is going to turn it into an Avon business opportunity. “I make all of my Customers little Halloween baskets filled with candy, confetti and of course Avon products,” April says. She especially favors the Halloween Soap and Trick or Treat Lip Balm for these gift baskets. “It is my way of saying thank you, and it keeps them coming back,” she adds.

STOCK UP FOR HALLOWEEN! When mothers bring their kids to trick-or-treat at the home of Japhia Burrell in  West Lafayette, IN, she plans to give candy to the kids, and samples and brochures to the moms. “Halloween is usually all about the kids,” says Japhia, “but moms deserve treats too!”

IT’S THE THOUGHT THAT SELLS. Tara Hawkins of San Diego, DA gives her Customers a discount when they fill out her “Favorite Things” questionnaire. She asks them for their favorite color, holiday, Avon product, and birthday. With this information, Tara can acknowledge their birthdays with “a present they’ll really love,” she says

POLITENESS PAYS. When was the last time you sent your Customers a Thank You card? Tonya Collins is a new Representative in Morristown, TN, and she just placed her first orders. She then went to the local “Dollar Den” and bought Thank You cards at a dime apiece, and sent one to each of her Customers. Each card contained a handwritten message, a coupon for 10 percent off one item in the Customer’s next order, and another coupon offering another price break for a new Customer referral. It looks as if these Customers won’t forget their Avon Representative anytime soon. Tonya just sent the cards, and has received two new referrals already.

HERE’S THE DEAL. Offer your Customers sales. Connie puts a sticker on her brochures that says, “When you purchase $25 or more from this brochure, tax and processing fee not included, you will receive ______  on page ___ free.”  She fills in the blanks for each campaign. “I like to use products out of What’s New that are 50 percent off with no limit,” she says.

As an added incentive to her Downline, Connie does the math for them: If they sell this special to just 14 people each campaign for a year (26 campaigns), she says, they can make President’s Club.

GIFTS FOR THEM, BUSINESS FOR YOU. Every quarter, Dorothea Taylor of Ponder, TX has an “unannounced Customer appreciation campaign.”  What that means, she tells us, is that “everyone who placed an order that campaign gets a free gift. I make sure I put a sticker on the product letting them know it was a gift from me to thank them for their order. My customers never know when it will happen, so they tend to order more often to try to get in on the free gifts.”

WRITE YOUR OWN SALES PITCH. Sales promotions can be about anything you want. When Mercy Walker of Midland, TX was just starting out, she did all sorts of incentives — “For example, during July, my incentive was, ‘Buy anything red, white or blue and receive 10% off your entire order.’  During my birthday month — not their birthday, but mine — I said, ‘Your gift from me is 15% off your order.'” Not your usual promotions, sure — but creativity can work for you. It worked for Mercy, who says, “That’s how my business grew from a slow-paced 50-60 customers to a fast-paced 500 customers within a year!”

CLIP JOB. AnneGale Nester of Largo, FL has a great way to convert Slim-Fast users to SlimWell: she lets her Customers know that she’ll accept Slim-Fast price-off coupons (up to one dollar) for SlimWell products. “It’s worth the small discount to get the SlimWell business,” she says. “Once they taste SlimWell there’s no going back to Slim-Fast. My husband found that out. He loves SlimWell!” AnneGale has had such a good response to this, she’s considering doing the same thing with coupons from Avon’s beauty competitors.

“NO” TO SOME, “YES” TO AVON. Mike and Yvonne Baughman of Shelbyville, KY came with their Avon brochures to the door of the industrial building. They saw the large and prominent  “No Soliciting” sign. Mike was ready to leave. Yvonne wasn’t. She got out her cell phone and called the number on the sign. When the people at the other end heard she was from Avon, they wanted to know how soon she could come up with her brochures. “Right now,” she said.

The moral of the story is: Let them say “No” first — don’t say it for them! The Avon name is a powerful door-opener, and you’ll be surprised how often a business’ attitude will change when you upgrade yourself from “some salesperson” to an Avon Representative.

SELLING MESSAGE. Chris Carroll of Atwater, CA says this is such a good idea “that I kick myself sometimes for not thinking of it sooner.”

Like many of us, Chris mentions Avon in her outgoing answering machine message. But recently she also started listing “unadvertised specials” on her tape. “It can be things I have on overstock that I’d rather not return, such as a stock-up on perfume,” she says. “I also did a small discount on bulk sales of Cellu-Sculpt.”

The response, she says, “has been remarkable. A lot of Customers call in just to take advantage of ‘this week’s special.'”

BOWL THEM OVER. Like a lot of office workers, people at Susan McNeil’s day job in Fairbanks, AK like to put out bowls of candy or snacks for their colleagues to sample. “Now that it’s coming on summer time and everyone is on a diet,” says Susan, “I fill my candy bowl with Avon samples. It sits on my cabinet in plain sight by my door. Everyone stops by to get a sample and try something new. They appreciate the “non-fattening” treat. It’s turning out lots of orders and is becoming the favorite candy bowl in our center!”

FLOWER POWER. Here’s a neat twist on Laura Bailey’s idea last week of spraying perfumes on strips of construction paper to make samples: “Get a box of fabric flower petals,” advises Norma Haskins of Hallandale Beach, FL. “They’re usually in the wedding department of the craft stores, or at Walmart, and contain approximately 300 petals. You can spray the petals and put a couple in the order, or hand them out with your brochures.” The advantage over paper strips, she says, is that they look nicer and tend to stick around, reminding Customers of where they got them. “I know people put these petals in their underwear drawer,” she says, “And some of my Customers have even said that they keep them in their pockets for a pleasant aroma.”

AVON PEN: with your name, phone number, email address on it.

LABEL ON FRONT OF BOOK FOR UNADVERTISED SPECIALS:  Tammy Helms of North Dakota recommends using customized address label stickers: “Print out the specials you are running for that campaign on the address labels and stick them to the front of all of the books. Carry extra labels with you, so when you get to a customer’s house you can mark a page that you think she/he might be interested in by using the sticker as a ‘tab’ — that is, folding it over on itself and sticking into to the page. And you can save money by using neon or colored labels instead of colored ink!”

GET A MODEL. The big fashion companies get models to wear their goods, and so can you. Just find a Customer who’s very social and give her Avon to try out — and show off. Angela Cockrill of Nashville, TN has a friend who is “highly visible” to many of her other Customers. “For example, I gave her a jar of Anew Clinical on the condition that she use it faithfully,” says Angela. “She does, and they notice. And whenever someone compliments her skin, she gets that person in touch with me. She even carries Clinical samples for those she knows are interested.  I get new Customers, and she gets a free product.”
Angela has also done this with a teenage friend. “I’ve been giving her mark products,” she says, “and her friends have been placing orders with me.”

COMMUNITY EFFORT. Ruthie Solis of San Diego, CA is, like most Representatives, a “people person.” And she knows how to make it count. Recently she made friends with her local florist, and got the woman to leave Avon brochures on a table in her shop. Then she approached the local printing shop… and the local chiropractor… and the lady who owns the doughnut shop…
Now several businesses near Ruthie are helping her sell, mainly because she was nice and took the trouble to ask. (In some cases, Ruthie does make a trade: she told the florist, for example, that she would give premiums to people who bought flowers from her. And, of course, that brings Ruthie new, prospective Customers.)

SELLING BY SAMPLE. Cheryl has also used samples inside her brochures to boost sales. One campaign, she taped samples onto their corresponding pages in the brochure. It did cost some money and time, but that campaign Cheryl tripled her sales from about $200 to nearly $1,000.


WATCH THE CLOCK! Rose Circle Representative Rachel Moler of Laurel, MD has been selling Avon for 12 years. She keeps her business fresh with time-sensitive “Customer Appreciation” sales that literally have her Customers setting their alarms to save.

On sale days, Customers who call Rachel between 6 and 8 a.m. receive a discount on the price of their orders. If they call between 8 and 10 a.m., they get a slightly smaller discount. The discount keeps going down as the day wears on.

The last time she did this, Rachel’s answering machine started to fill up with orders early in the morning — and orders kept coming in throughout the day. By day’s end her sales total was $2,500.

The discount cuts into Rachel’s profit margin, but thanks to the high sales volume, she still makes good money. Besides, she says, having the Customer Appreciation sales encourages Customer loyalty. “It gives a boost to my long-term Customers,” she says, “and helps keep them around for the long term.”

Happy Birthday Sales
I keep a list of all my customers with their birthdays recorded next to their names. I let them know that with any orders they place in the month of their birthday, they receive a 10% discount. It has really helped increase my sales.

Cash and Carry Baskets
I carry these cash and carry baskets with me everywhere I go, like to the Laundromat and the beauty shop. I have found that this is a really good way to get rid of the old pink items. I just put the items in this simply decorated basket and have a sign attached that says 40% off. That way I get back what I paid for plus tax. People really think that they are getting a good bargain! It has really increased my sales from last year.

Discount Baskets
Whenever I go to deliver an order to a customer I carry a basket of discount items of products that I have in stock, usually things that other customers have ordered and changed their minds about later on. I usually discount the items 10-20%. I will also include Section 2 items like the small sized hand creams and lotions and sell them at cost.

Leave a Book
I leave books on the ATM machine in the local convenience store. As a result I usually get one or two customers a month.

Free Samples
I like to a give free sample with every order. That way, customers are always tempted with something new, and I’m practically guaranteed future orders.

Referral Bonus
I’ve established a referral bonus. Each time one of my customers refers someone new to me, I credit their next order. It’s a one time credit per referral and my customers love to see the credit on their receipt. I have definitely gotten more customers this way! (The credit is usually 0.50 per referral.)

Chew on This
When eating out at restaurants, I wrap my tip along with a business card and a Beauty book around a purse size tube of hand cream. This has brought the many new customers, and recruits! The recruits think of it as getting paid to eat!

The latest in Avon Fashion, jewelry and giftables make ideal wedding and shower gifts. Ask Customers to consider Avon for thank you gifts for bridesmaids, ushers, flower girls, etc.

It’s summer! It’s time to be outdoors. You never know who you’ll bump into, so always have a few current Brochures in your purse. That’s smart business.

Teacher Appreciation Gifts anytime Satin Hands. A wonderful way to pamper the teachers!

Families take more baths and showers in the summer. Suggest Skin-So-Soft, Advance Techniques styling products, or any of our fragranced shower gels, lotions and creams.

You’ll be doing them a favour! Before they leave, make sure your Customers have plenty of family size Avon Sun or Sun Seekers lotions, Aloe Spray or Gel, deodorant and lip balm.

Happy Valentine’s Day !
Make your parties fun and lively using the Valentine theme! Play Valentine games and decorate your display table with red hearts and bows! Show off items that go with Valentines Day! Cut a shape, etc…

Game: Candy Hearts
Line up guests in two rows: Give first lady on each team an ordinary table knife. She puts as many red hearts on it as she can and races across the room and puts the hearts into her team bowl. If red hearts drop on the floor, they cannot be picked up. The team with the most red hearts in their bowl wins.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day !
How about playing….Find the Lucky Shamrock
Buy some shamrock stickers and place them in the brochures somewhere, if they find it and tell you the page number, you decide if they win a prize or entry into a raffle.

Happy Easter:
Hey folks, we’re having a Easter Egg hunt (which will be written on a sticker with easter eggs on it)….the same kind of eggs will be hidden in
their brochures somewhere and the customer has to hunt for the eggs and will win a prize.


  • Spa Basket:
    Put together a basket containing everything she would want for several long, leisurely soaks in the tub, including pretty soaps, a scented votive candle, lush towels, lotions, and a wood-handled hairbrush.
  • Gardener Basket:
    Assemble a basket of treats for your favorite horticulturist: First, choose a sturdy basket that will withstand a long life of service in the garden. Add a pair of garden clogs, gloves, an apron, pruning snips and shears, seed packets, and plant labels. Round out the selection with a small plant.
  • Chef Basket:
    Fill a basket with quality replacements for worn kitchen basics, such as measuring cups and spoons, spatulas, and pastry brushes. Or, give her everything she will need to make an exotic meal, including recipes, hard-to-find spices or condiments, and special tools or utensils.
  • Crafter Basket:
    Give Mom the equipment and materials she will need to start a new craft, or some supplies for one she has already mastered. If she sews, give her a pretty basket loaded with sewing supplies, such as new scissors, pinking shears, an assortment of pins and needles, a rainbow of threads, a tape measure, and perhaps even an antique thimble.
  • Father’s Day:

Buying Gifts for Men (14 Rules)

Buying gifts for men is not nearly as complicated as it is for women. Follow these rules and you should have no problems.

Rule #1: When in doubt – buy him a cordless drill. It does not matter if he already has one. I have a friend who owns 17 and he has yet to complain. As a man, you can never have too many cordless drills. No one knows why.

Rule #2: If you cannot afford a cordless drill, buy him anything with the word ratchet or socket in it. Men love saying those two words “Hey George, can I borrow your ratchet?” “OK”. By-the-way, are you through with my 3/8-inch socket yet?” Again, no one knows why.

Rule #3: If you are really, really broke, buy him anything for his car, a 99 cent ice scraper, a small bottle of deicer or something to hang from his rear view mirror. Men love gifts for their cars. No one knows why.

Rule #4: Never buy men bathrobes. Once I was told that if God had wanted men to wear bathrobes, he wouldn’t have invented Jockey shorts.

Rule #5: You can buy men new remote controls to replace the ones they have worn out. If you have a lot of money buy your man a big-screen TV with the little picture in the corner. Watch him go wild as he flips, and flips, and flips.

Rule #6: Do not buy any man industrial-sized canisters of after-shave or deodorant. I’m told they do not stink – they are earthy.

Rule #7: Buy men label makers. Almost as good as cordless drills. Within a couple of weeks there will be labels absolutely everywhere. “Socks. Shorts. Cups. saucers. Door. Lock. Sink.” You get the idea. No one knows why. (ABSOLUTELY TRUE!!)

Rule #8: Never buy a man anything that says “some assembly required” on the box. It will ruin his Special Day and he will always have parts left over. No one knows why.

Rule #9: Good places to shop for men include Angela’s Avon, Millwork Lumber, Home Depot, John Deere, Snap-On Tools, and Canadian Tire. (NAPA Auto Parts and Sears Clearance Centers are also excellent men’s stores.) It doesn’t matter if he doesn’t know what it is. (“From Snap-On Tools, eh? Must be something I need. Hey! Isn’t this a starter for a ’68 FordFairlane? Wow! thanks.”)

Rule #10: Men enjoy danger. That’s why they never cook – but they will barbecue. (No one knows why) Get him a monster barbecue with a 100-pound propane tank. Tell him the gas line leaks. “Oh the thrill! The challenge! Who wants a hamburger?”

Rule #11: Tickets to a Bluejays game are a smart gift. However, he will not appreciate tickets to”A Retrospective of 19th Century Quilts.” Everyone knows why.

Rule #12: Men love chain saws. Never, ever, buy a man you love a chain saw. If you don’t know why – please refer to Rule #7 and what happens when he gets a label maker.

Rule #13: It’s hard to beat a really good wheelbarrow or an aluminum extension ladder. Never buy a real man a stepladder. It must be an extension ladder. No one knows why.

Rule #14: Rope. Men love rope. It takes us back to our cowboy origins, or at least The Boy Scouts. Nothing says love like a hundred feet of 3/8″ manila rope. No one knows why.

RUBBER STAMP SPECIAL – When I was working to get my sales up for the last contest period (campaigns 5, 6, & 7), I decided I needed something to get people to look through the brochures. Samples are great but I wanted something more fun. I decided to use a rubberstamp of lips and I stamped 5 books with cherry red lips. I then made address labels that said, “If you find a stamp of lips in this brochure, call me (phone number).” So Customers knew what to look for, I stamped a sample set of lips on the front of the brochures this worked wonders! I give away five of our new line of lipstick, and boy did the Customers enjoy hunting for those lips. I gained six new customers in campaign 5 that had not ordered before, four in C-6 and five in C-7. I was able to meet my goals in both numbers of customers and dollar increase. Give this fun idea a try and use whatever type of stamp you like. During the holidays use a festive theme, or try your favorite symbol- like a rose or a unicorn. Good Luck and Happy Selling.