Avon Terms and Their Meaning

Avon Terms and Their Meaning

ALMA – Avon Leads Management Application. This app is used to not only manage the leads you bring in yourself but can also be used to send you leads of people from around the country.

Avon University – an online directory of courses a representative can take to educate themselves about the AVON product line, how to sell it, recommend products, and successfully build your business.

Award Sales – these are the sales on which your earnings are based. For example, if you sell $100, your earnings percentage will be based on that amount. Award sales include customer orders, your demos and your sales tools (brochures, samples, bags etc.).

Bombita – a small packet filled with various things such as a business card, samples, recruiting flyer, fundraiser flyer, candy, etc.

Campaign – the 2 week period in which each brochure is current. This is the period of time you technically have to sell and collect orders.

Demos – demos or demonstration products are found in the Whats New brochure sent with each of your orders or you can view them online at youravon.com. Demos are some of the new items coming out a few campaigns ahead or some of the core items that will be on sale that campaign. You get them at a discount. There is a quantity limit based on your sales level. Regular reps are usually limited to one of each demo per campaign while Presidents Club reps have a limit of 3 of each demo per campaign. It is important to note that you can only get the demo price on your demos if your Avon order totals $50 or more. Your demos count towards your total.

DD or Direct Delivery –  direct delivery is when a customer places their order online and has it shipped to their home directly from Avon instead of placing an order in person through their Avon representative.

DM – this is short for your district manager. They are not AVON reps like us or our upline. They work for Avon Corp directly. They oversee a specific area and are in charge of helping that area grow and succeed.

DOD or Deal of the Day – exclusive deals on products you can find on youravon.com in Deals Central just for representatives. Usually a large percentage off. In my timezone (eastern) they go live at midnight.

Hot Point – these are the campaign total break points between one earning level and the next higher earning level. For example, if your campaign totals $148, you are eligible for 20% earnings. That is $29.60 in earnings. But if you sell $2.00 more you hit the next earnings level of 30% which turns your earnings into $45.00!

Mail Plan – your mail plan refers to when your campaigns start and end. It is the mail cycle you are on and lets you know when each of your campaigns are due. There are 11 mail plans. You can find this information on youravon.com under My Account > Key Campaign Dates.

Power of 3 – this refers to a method of building your business by talking to 3 people a day about Avon.

QuikPAY – Avon’s secure online payment system where you have complete control over your payment amount. You sign up on youravon.com and then instead of entering your credit card information every time or mailing in a check, you just use your quikpay account with the click of a button.

RPS – this stands for Representative Processing Schedule but is also referred to as your mail plan. This is just the mail cycle you are on and lets you know when each of your campaigns are due. There are 11 mail plans. You can find this information on youravon.com under My Account > Key Campaign Dates.

Self-Appointment – a person who signed themselves up online.

Title – this is a term to describe your level in leadership or sales. You may hear mention of someone “titling up”. That just means they made it to the next level of either leadership or sales by meeting the designated requirements.

Tossing – this is where you take brochures, usually older ones, and toss them in people’s driveways or hang them on door knobs in hopes of drumming up some new business/customers.

Unit Leader – this is the person who is often referred to as your Upline. This is the person who you signed up under. This is kind of an old term nobody really uses anymore since the change in title names and requirements.

Upline – this would be the person who signed you up or who you were assigned to if you self-appointed.

Web Office – tab on youravon.com where you can go to access your eStore, the social media center, the email center, customer invoices, and your customer address book.

Whats New – brochure exclusively for representatives to order new products that will be coming out within a few campaigns or core products that will be sold at a discount in those campaigns. These products are offered at a discount to the representative but usually are limited in quantity.

YA –  this stands for Your Avon. It is in reference to youravon.com