Which Anew Skin Care Line is Right for You?

Which Anew Skin Care Line is Right for You?

So many lines of skin care! How do you choose? Answer a few quick questions and check off a few special needs and you’ll have the best Anew Skin Care anti-aging regimen – just for you!

Do you find the task of selecting the perfect skin care regimen overwhelming.”What is my skin type?” “Why do I look older than my friends?” “How many different products will I have to try before I find the perfect product for me?” Sound familiar? Take the Avon Skin Advisor Quiz to find out your 4 step regimen.

You can take our quick and easy quiz to find an easy & perfect for you skin care regimen which will give you your best results for your skin care concerns.

Women in their 20s show few signs of aging. Their skin is smooth, has even tone, and has very few lines, if any.

A woman in her 30s generally starts to see the early signs of aging. She starts to notice fine lines. Her skin tone may be slightly uneven, and she may even have some rough patches on her skin. And her eyes? She may feel her eyes are tired and puffy looking.

Now she’s into her 40s where moderate signs of aging start to appear. Most women in their 40s start to see some wrinkles. She likely has more pronounced uneven skin tone and some discoloration. Her skin texture starts to change, and her eyes are really starting to show signs of aging.

In her 50s, moderate signs of aging have become more advanced signs of aging.

And women in their 60s and higher have the most advanced signs of aging.

Take the quiz by clicking the link below.

Skin Care Advisor


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