Stop the Madness! Start Anew – Anew Skincare

For thousands of years, skincare has been a top beauty priority of women around the world. And even some of today’s anti-aging techniques seem strange or extreme. When women were self-conscious of their fine lines in ancient Egypt, the go-to treatment was a milk and honey facial. It might have tasted nice, but it probably didn’t do much to eliminate wrinkles. 1,500 years later, give or take, the ancient Greeks developed a seaweed mask technique that is still being used by some today looking to moisturize and provide a more even complexion. Things got gross in the Land of the Rising Sun where bird poo facials were all the rage. And a geological approach was taken in the Middle Ages when women would lick an amethyst and rub it on their faces to try to achieve a youthful look. Even as recently as the 20th century, women would wear tin foil masks or go through dangerous radium treatments to firm and plump up their skin.Today, things are still strange. Baby food facials, bee venom masks, kitty litter facials, leech face-lifts, and oxygen masks are used to fight signs of aging.Stop the madness! Start ANEW. Those extreme measures of skincare treatment aren’t necessary thanks to ANEW, the complete solution for anti-aging from Avon. Wrinkles, fine lines, uneven complexion, dry skin, and other signs of aging don’t stand a chance. Click Here to learn more about ANEW.